​​​​​​​​​​​​​TAKASHI  UEMURA / 植村  崇史
After graduating from Daido University, worked for a construction company before establishing TAKASHI UEMURA PHOTOGRAPHY.
I'm engaged in a variety of activities such as photography centered on architecture and interiors.
1990.       Borm in Aichi, Japan
2012.       Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Daido University
2012 - 2018.      Construction company
2020.       Established TAKASHI UEMURA PHOTOGRAPHY
389 Hochicho, Nagoya Nishi-ku, Aichi 452-0808 Japan
452-0808 愛知県名古屋市西区宝地町389

E-maill: info@takashiuemura.com
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